No Blood Without

No Blood Without

Code: UULP003
Style: Deep, House
Media: Vinyl
Format: 12" Uk
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Price: € 11,90
Burning 4 U
Argon Lover
No Blood Without’ is the third full-length album from UK producer Graham Luckhurst aka Greymatter, following his acclaimed 2014 LP ‘Visions’ for WOLF Music. Inspired especially by the likes of Mr. G, Leon Vynehall, Mike Dehnert, Martyn, Anthony Naples, Ame, Shed, Theo Parrish and company, this LP is a more advanced expression of his love of sampled, lo-fi sounds and a step up sonically from previous material. Ranging from slow motion scratchy, heavily swung beatdown on ‘Kensho’ and ‘Wallflower’, to house and techno jams ‘FCRL’ and ‘Argon Lover’ to deeper, broken beats on ‘Only A Fraction’, ‘In Shade’ and ‘Burning 4 U’. Greymatter’s expansive musical palette has seen him take in an enormous range of music over the years, aided primarily by over a decade running the legendary Mr Bongo label with founder David Buttle. As a result his DJ sets include unique and varied selections ranging from London, Ghana, Rio, Chicago, Detroit, Lagos and beyond. After a 2-year break - required after being somewhat pigeonholed into ‘deep house’ - new Greymatter material began to surface late in 2016 with ‘Move Slow’ on WOLF ‘7 Years Who Cares’ double-7″ pack. This was followed by several singles and remixes, in preparation for this LP, released on his own label Unique Uncut.
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