Feel Me Deep EP

Reggie Dokes / Gari Romalis
Feel Me Deep Ep

Label: Psychostasia
Code: PSY016
Style: Deep, House, Detroit
Media: Vinyl
Format: 12" Usa
Out of Stock
Price: € 13,90
Reggie Dokes - Brown Sugar
Reggie Dokes - Girl
Gari Romalis - Feel Me
Gari Romalis - Psycho Deep
On this joint EP with Reggie Dokes, Gari explores the world of deepness without hesitation. He takes us on an intergalactic mind trip, while keeping it true to the dancefloor.
On the A side is Reggie Dokes, who gives us deep house, then without shame moves us into that Detroit style of techno, cultivated by the Motor City. Mr. Dokes likes to walk in both worlds of house and techno, and not confine himself to one particular genre. This EP is the perfect
marriage of two creative producers, who bring excitement and inspiration to the dancefloor.
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