Sweet Power Your Embrace
Good Thing
Funny Girl
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€ 18,90
I'm Sorry Babe
It Ain't Cool ( To Be Cool No More )
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€ 18,90
Gamin' On Ya
Dr. Funkenstein
Children Of Production
Getten' To Know You
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€ 18,90
James Brown - Talkin' Loud And Sayin' Nothin' ( Original Rock Version )
Fred Wesley & The J.b.'s - Blow Your Head ( Undubbed Version )
The Believers - Mr. Hot Pants A.k.a. Across The Track ( Pts 1 & 2 )
Beau Dollar - Who Knows
Hank Ballard Along With The Dapps - How You Gonna Get Respect ( When You Haven't Cut Your Process ...
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€ 14,90
Love Brought Me Back
Joy From You
When Love Is Gone
Yesterday Never Returns
Sold On You
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€ 14,90
Funk Beyond The Call Of Duty
It's About The Dollar Bill
Give Me My Love
It's A Damn Shame
I'm Gonna Get You Baby
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€ 16,90
If It's Love That You're Looking For
You Know You Want To Be Loved
Joyful Music
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€ 16,90
Sooner Or Later ( Extended Version Unreleased)
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€ 18,90
Walk On By
One Woman
By The Time I Get To Phoenix
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€ 18,90
Gloryhallastoopid ( Or Pin The Tale On The Funky )
Party People
Big Bang Theory
Freeze ( Sizzaleenmean )
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€ 10,90
Bessoka ( Version Courte )
Lagos Go Slow
Africa Boogie
A La Claire Fontaine
Waka Juju
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€ 12,90
Hey Girl ( I Like Your Style )
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€ 18,90
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