DAM FUNK - Milano 12th July of 3O12

Thursday 12th July, Milan prepares for space walk another sound to work again Futureground that strives to bring the best of what gravity in the contemporary music scene. This time with the special participation of  Re::Life, a decade from a national reference point of the scene and booking agency of the best international artists around, you will be pleased to score another important event for the city's musical history, in fact, for the first time in Milan: Dam-Funk.   Dam-Funk will perform on the summer stage of Magnolia in an exclusive set that will see him retrace his valuable and sophisticated background music, recreating the spirit of its famous evenings "Funkmosphere" plus the charge of his "future classics played live by Dam-Funk (vocals, keys, electronics), drummer Jon Theodore (One Day as a Lion, former the Mars Volta) and the versatile bassist Keith Eaddy (already on tour with Macy Gray).   Location: Magnolia | Via Circonvallazione Idroscalo 41, Milan Open Gates h 20 Ticket 10 € NO ARCi card
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