Superpitcher @ Le Disque Record Store

Today, we had a great pleasure to meet one's of amazing dj/producer of Deutsche Electronic scene, called Superpitcher.  Aksel "real name", grew up in the south of Germany, alone and lonely. He started to collect music at 16, seduced by the soft sounds of Prefab Sprout, Scritti Politti, and Roxy Music. A decade later he found himself working in the distribution department of KOMPAKT and found new heroes – Wolfgang Voigt, Chain Reaction, Joerg Burger and Air Liquide – men that linked his sonic youth and adult aspirations. Following the release of his landmark 2001 single, “Heroin” he gave up work, deciding to forge a new nocturnal lifestyle, increasing his DJing, steadied his socializing and worked on perfecting his studio production skills – nothing less than engulfing electronic pop and shimmering, glimmering techno. Today, Superpitcher has managed to accumulate a lovely discography of diversity including his unforgettable version of Brian Eno’s “Baby’s On Fire”, the acclaimed full length “Here Comes Love”, the adored mix CD “Today” and remixes for many including Dntel, Quarks, M83 and DJ Hell. Superpitcher keeps on a constant touring schedule and is now touring in support of his recently completed album titled "Kilimanjaro," which is available now!   Many thanks to Superpitcher and Drummond guys for nice surprise. Le Disque Record Store
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