Dj Specter is down with us!
Dj Specter is down with us!

Last Friday we had the pleasure to meet another big figure of Chicago House scene: Specter. We have already spoken about his serious carrer so we can only say that once again behind a deep sound there's a very cool person ! Bye Specter see you soon at Le Disque Record Store!

Here is the live recording of the dj set at Soul Alliance's Party by Specter. Enjoy !
Specter (Tetrode Music - Chicago, USA ) @ 19.84 club
Specter (Tetrode Music - Chicago, USA ) @ 19.84 club

Chicago is in da house, this time at 19.84 club with the Soul Alliance crew, as usual, that is promoting the most underground sound of the scene thanks to the dj session of Specter. Andres Ordonez aka Specter developed and crafted his signature style of the Chicago house sound over a span of 19 years. Specter’s ambience-driven, organic touch exudes an infectious groove that is deeply soulful, sensual, earthy, warm and nocturnal with a good measure of sublime disco, acid house, jazzy inflections and pure funk.

Specter’s interest in house music piqued in the 80’s, when the wunderkind genre blew up in the city of Chicago. Specter would tape and devour the novel, often raw and eventually legendary mixes from radio stations like WBMX, WCYC, WCRX, WKKC and WGCI. Early influences include DJs like Farley Jackmaster Funk, Edward i Get Down Crosby, Mickey Oliver, Bobby bobby,Lee Collins, lil louis, the Hot Mix 5 and the inimitable Ron Hardy. Specter started DJaying at 15 playing house, disco and italo . Spinning at basement parties around the city and suburbs. When Chicago’s loft-party and rave scene started to take off in the mid-90s, Specter began incorporating the edgier, minimal heat of Detroit techno into his sound.


You know how they do! nah miss it..
Alton Miller (Planet E / KDJ - Detroit, USA ) @ 19.84 club
Alton Miller (Planet E / KDJ - Detroit, USA ) @ 19.84 club

The Soul Alliance crew is ready to start a new deep season at 19.84 club where next Friday November 25th will host one of the most quality producer around Alton Miller. Alton growing up in the 1970s, Miller soaked up the musical environment surrounding him in the Motor City, taking a particular interest in the sounds of Motown, Philadelphia, Parliament-Funkadelic, and Santana. It was during the early '80s once the "dance music crazed" Alton became friends with a young Derrick May that he decided to start spinning records, citing Chicago DJs such as Ron Hardy and Frankie Knuckles as prime influences. By the latter part of the same decade, Miller joined forces with George Baker and Chez Damier to start the Music Institute, a short-lived but legendary Detroit club that has since become near-mythical, thanks to the pioneering techno efforts of figures such as May. Following the demise of The Music Institute, Miller took an interest in Conga drumming in addition to DJing, which led to a period between 1989 and 1991 where he toured the world with his music. He then joined forces once again with May, first as an employee of the artist's Transmat Records label, then as Aphrodisiac, the title under which he would begin releasing his music. Besides his EP on Transmat's sublabel Fragile, he also released his music on Kevin Saunderson's KMS and a series of EPs on Serious Grooves. By the mid to late '90s, he had increased his presence in the Detroit area through a number of DJ performances and a stream of stunning twelves. His debut album for Distance has been highly acclaimed as all things house. His current peacefrog album 'Stories Of Bohemia' is a powerful, moving collection of mature jazz tinged, soulful house grooves with flavours of African and roots music.
Unmissible set hosted by the residents: Trenti, Tavor & Francesco Ruffio.


ZERNELL (Grimy edits ::: Chicago/LA) @ ROOTS Corte Radisi
ZERNELL (Grimy edits ::: Chicago/LA) @ ROOTS Corte Radisi

Another unmissable appointment at Roots with the special dj set of ZERNELL (Grimy edits ::: Chicago/LA) this Saturday at Corte Radisi as usual. We'll feel the warm sound of Chicago this week end in Verona, no bed for this heavy weather..

See u there!!

More info:

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Saturday Oct. 1st > DISCOVOLANTE re-opening
Saturday Oct. 1st > DISCOVOLANTE re-opening

Discovolante, the most underground club in brescia that had hosted artists like Trus'me, Gerald Mitchell, Jamie 3:26, Piranahead and so on, is starting a new season from this Saturday ! The opening will be a long session of the resident dj D.C. DJ SOULMIND and the guest PAOLO LDSQ (the owner of Le Disque Record Store). That's gonna be a culture night with the best techsoul selection from the past and the future. 

Stay tuned and don't miss it !

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