PULSE 014 // 27-28 FEB. - 1 MAR. // BOLOGNA [IT]
PULSE 014 // 27-28 FEB.  - 1 MAR. // BOLOGNA [IT]

PULSE it's back...

THEO PARRISH [Sound Signature, USA]
Musician and selector based in Detroit, Michigan, often described as a 'techno/house' artist. He was born in Washington, DC. He grew up in Chicago, Illinois listening to jazz musicians like Miles Davis, Nina Simone, and George Gershwin. He graduated from the Chicago Academy of the Arts and went to study at the Kansas City Art Institute. While at KCAI, he concentrated on sound sculptures, creating sonic pieces by combining live instruments, human voices, and looped recordings. He received his BFA in 1994 and moved to Michigan to focus on musical projects.

DEMDIKE STARE [Modern Love - UK]

Demdike Stare were founded in 2009 in Manchester, England by two well-known characters from that city's music scene. Miles Whittaker, half of the respected dub techno duo Pendle Coven, has also recorded under the monikers MLZ and Daughter of the Industrial Revolution. Sean Canty is a renowned vinyl obsessive who worked at the label Finders Keepers and could often be found digging in the crates of local record shops for rare wax nuggets. His collection of obscure '60s funk and soul records formed the basis for DJ Woody's A Country Practice mixtape CD, on which he was credited under the name Sean Vinylment.

ANDY STOTT [Modern Love - UK]
During the latter part of the 2000s, Manchester-based DJ/producer Andy Stott evolved from making high-quality dub techno to releasing a singular and more adventurous strain with an approach that favored leaden tempos and unsettling, sample-based textures. From 2005 through 2011, Stott recorded exclusively for his hometown’s Modern Love label, where he quickly became a key member of the roster alongside fellow travelers Claro Intelecto and Demdike Stare. He released a dozen singles and EPs, along with a taut 2006 album (Mercilles) and a 2008 compilation (Unknown Exception). The producer made a significant creative advance in 2011 with a pair of creep-outs,Passed Me By and We Stay Together, that were combined and expanded for CD release by the end of the year. Stott also recorded some exceptional breakbeat-oriented dubstep as Andrea for Daphne, a Modern Love sublabel. In 2012, he released his third proper album, Luxury Problems, which incorporated vocals from Alison Skidmore, his former piano teacher.

VOLCOV [Sounds Familiar, IT]


and much more...


TwICE (Blend it! Black Aroma)

Uk born and Italy based dj and record collector.
Owner of the “Blend it!” record label, he’s the man behind the Black Aroma project: released as 4 track EPs
and exclusively on vinyl, Black Aroma attemps to symbolize a musical policy with a strongly eclectic and versatile mix of genres and sounds from diverse origins and backgrounds.

TwICE is also the resident dj and artistic director of ROOTS Corte Radisi, Verona, Italy (www.corteradisi.com): a unique club where he had the honour and pleasure to spin with masters of the scene like Theo Parrish, Sadar Bahar, Lee Collins, Marcellus Pittman, Volcov and many others.
His dj sets cover a wide range of genres, styles and tempos, from old to new sounds: the common denominator is the persistent research, listening and digging to find what touches him.
No boundaries.

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Via Emilio Salgari 25
25125 Brescia
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