Hole Club 26.11.2016
Hole Club 26.11.2016

HØLE Club - 26.11.2016

Room 1
Dino Sabatini live [Outis Music]
Alan Backdrop [EKAR Records - Enklav]
Concubia Nocte [HØLE Club]
Daniele Raimondi [Morse _ - Le Disque Record Store]  

Room 2
Sawlin live [Code Is Law]
Frank Found live [Monocode - HØLE Club]
Abstrat [Sherwood Verona]
Antonio Montano [HØLE Club]

Crispy ϟ Donato Dozzy, Rawmance & Healing Force Project
Crispy ϟ Donato Dozzy, Rawmance & Healing Force Project

CRISPY 19th November 2016

Line Up
Donato Dozzy (Spazio Disponibile, Editions Mego, IT)

Rawmance (La Beauté du Négatif, IT)

Healing Force Project (Firecracker Recordings, Berceuse Heroique, Ambiwa, IT)

Via Colombara 123/R - Malcontenta VE - Italy  


Machine - Tigerskin aka Dub Taylor & DNKRS Live
Machine - Tigerskin aka Dub Taylor & DNKRS Live

Machine - Tigerskin aka Dub Taylor Live 

12th November 2016  

Line Up
Tigerskin Live (Dirt Crew rec) 
aka Dub Taylor [DE, BERLIN]

Live visual performance
Daan Kars aka DNKRS [NL]

Visual artist with a background in anthropology, always been exploring new means of storytelling techniques. Combining visual aesthetics, storytelling and spatial design has led to a wide scope of works in the relm of vj-culture, installation art, film and spacial design. Whether its an installation, spacial design or performance all are subject to space and time. This interrest has been the main motivation for most works. It led to developing a perspective and skills in real-time media and lots of custom software. One of those fascinations is that we are subject to nature but yet live in an artificial place created by humans. How do we relate to that new space? Or how do we relate to ourselves, our dreams and inner space? Besides his own work, he has been active in different collectives as the belief is that together you can create more. He has been a co-founder of the Lichtdichters, MAU and a member of Born Digital team.  

Opening Live act
Modular (Kraut Cosmic)  

Residents dj Deteque (Slowpitch,Doppelgaenger)
John Marangoni    

Officina degli Angeli Via Torino 4, Arbizzano (Verona)


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