Pulse#240 | Opening Night w/ Acronym + Varg
Pulse#240 | Opening Night w/ Acronym + Varg

Mame Club & Pulse 

Saturday 29.10.16 - Pulse#240

Opening Night w/

Via Fra Paolo Sarpi, 48


ROBOT 09 - 8th Saturday 2016 WHAT COMES NEXT
ROBOT 09 - 8th Saturday 2016 WHAT COMES NEXT

RBT09. What is the story behind the Festival and its birth, what does it stand for, which are the contacts in order to collaborate.
Plan, organize and promote digital arts and events related to electronic music and research, along generally brave trajectories, neither taken for granted, nor conventional. A brainchild, initially, that, with no less than a decade of hard work, managed to become a reality of European significance both for prestige and for results. With the city of Bologna as its headquarters but with its sights set all around the world, always looking for new inspiration and references to reprocess. roBOt Festival is the most important fruit of labour - but certainly not the only one - in a process that creates continuous intersections with communication processes, the culture industry, innovation, and the ability to deal with the contemporary organizational complexities.


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