Farewell 24

Farewell 24

Code: HFT062
Style: House, Breaks, Electro
Media: Vinyl
Format: 12" Uk
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Price: € 10,90
Wendy Wild
Limbosoup ( Fit Siegel's Digestion Mix )
Farewell 24
A breakthrough artist who has had a massive 2017 to date, Or:la returns to Hotflush with three new tracks and a remix of Limbosoup (from her debut Hotflush EP last year) by Detroit's FIT Siegel. Following the launch of her own label, Deep Sea Frequency, and a standout Boiler Room appearance, this new batch of fresh material cements Or:la's position in the UK underground. Taking cues from influences ranging from classic jungle to post-dubstep, Farewell 24 offers more evidence as to why so many have tipped the Derry producer for great things. And to round things off, we are very excited to include a razor sharp remix from the one and only FIT Siegel, one of our absolute US favourites.
Remixed by: Fit Siegel
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