N.R.G. Music

Dj Skull
N.r.g. Music

Code: S 3008
Style: Chicago, House
Media: Vinyl
Format: 12" Usa
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Price: € 11,90
Nasty Girl
What Is Luv
Under Motion
Spastic Intro
The Raft
6 Met "l" On Fire
Ron 'DJ Skull' Maney is a legend. 'NRG Music' dropped in 1991 on Chicago's Saber label and cemented his rep as one to watch over the coming years. One of Chicago's new wave of producers with a fierce style and original sound. The original press of 'NRG Music' was super lo-fi and that suited Maney's sound. His blend of jacking box jams, deep pads, porno samples and nasty ass acid lines all complement each other on what is one of the era's most unique EP's. Those who know recognise that Skull's music over the years has always been essential listening material and this, his first EP, is a heavyweight signifier of what was to come! Across 6 tracks we get a surprising cache of styles, from the sleazed out redlight action of 'Nasty girl' to the driving, demented minimalism of 'The raft' it's all here, plain as day, one for the heads, the connoisseurs and the freaks. The real deal!
Reissued and remastered with the full permission of Trax/Saber Records we have another gem from the annals of Chicago House history for 2017.
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