Indigo Session

Luca Ballerini At The Ambassador Club
Indigo Session

Code: AMBIWA 5
Release Date: 26.06.2017
Media: Vinyl
Format: 12" Ita
Out of Stock
Price: € 11,90
Indigo Take 1
Indigo Take 2
Indigo Take 3
Indigo Take 4
Ambiwa Records run by Le Disque Record Store, the label comes to the 5th release with another ambitious project. Experimental side-project from Luca Ballerini.
The basic material for Indigo Session is made of improvisations (piano, saxophones, double-bass and drums), coming together in a musical dialogue where Jazz and Electronic music try to gather into a wise melting point. With these first recordings, The Ambassador Club takes shape as a musical structure in which quietly noisy atmospheres speak between dreamlike textures and pulsating Techno. An hypnotic exploration into Techno/Jazz Leftfield at its darkest.

Release Date 26.06.2017
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