220 e.p.

Dj Nobu
220 E.p.

Code: GWEP-11
Style: Techno
Media: Vinyl
Format: 12" Jpn
Out of Stock
Price: € 10,90
Iwiw+dbdb Detected Mix ( Stanislav Tolkachev Remix )
A-side of GWEP11 include original tracks produced by DJ Nobu who have been reigning as the top DJ among Japanese underground techno scene since 2000, and he have been played gigs all over the world such as Berghein, Concrete, Dekmantel Festival, Oval Space(as resident DJ), and so on. so now he is respected by many people. And B-side include detected remix (using method of recording in realtime) by Stanislav Tolkachev who are known as genius talented techno producer from Ukraine. by challenging groove, this EP must be the novel work in the modern techno scene. Thomas P Heckmann's mastering process breathed new life into and provided strength to the tracks, so it must be the best and strongest 12' vinyl.
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