2 Ep

Khalil Anthony & Damon Bell
2 Ep

Label: Shadeleaf
Code: SM-12-012
Style: Deep, House
Media: Vinyl
Format: 12" Uk
Out of Stock
Price: € 10,90
Black Magic ( W/ Thatmanmonkz )
The Lesson
Anniversary ( Afrikan Sciences Remix )
The mighty SHADELEAF pull in a seriously strong U.S team for their twelfth release Damon Bell from Oakland, is a chief Connoisseur at heralded Deepblak Recordings, and stands strong offering a complex variety of sounds that ebb and flow through all of his productions.
Known for his polyrhythmic, organic, and soul-filled musical releases on Deepblak Recordings & Sound Of Speed Records Japan, he has also scored critically acclaimed releases recently on Burek, Meda Fury, and Don't Be Afraid.
This collaborative EP with the vocalist (good friend and former Oakland, and now Berlin resident) Khalil Anthony, features a production collaboration with Shadeleaf's own Thatmanmonkz, and a remix from the mighty Afrikan Sciences
As always, top drawer isht Another Shadeleaf sureshot !
Remixed by: Afrikan Sciences
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