We Know How To Boogie

The Grasso Brothers
We Know How To Boogie

Label: Bbe
Code: BBE333CLP
Style: Disco, Boogie
Media: Vinyl
Format: Lpx2 Uk
Price: € 25,90
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Sharon Johnson - A Better Day
Gospel Seekers- Never Gonna Give You Up ( Church Door Records )
T.b. Funk - Free Blow ( The Dub Version ) G&d Edit
Living Colour –plastic People ( G&d Extended Edit )
Roller Disco - Stone Luv
Those Good Intentions - We Know How To Boogie
Carol Meriwether - Love Ain't Just ( A Physical Thing )
William Barlak - Ain't No Doubt About It
Kenny Pierce - Done Been ( M&d Records )
Sherman Hunter - Dance To Freedom
Compiled by Italian DJ and purveyor of rare vinyl Gino Grasso with the assistance of his brother Federico, 'We Know How To Boogie' is a joyful romp through the finest forgotten dance-floor disco and soul from the 70's and 80's . A bona fide 'disco don', Gino has collected music for over 30 years and supplied the likes of Dimitri From Paris with obscure gems. A familiar face behind the decks in his hometown of Bologna and across Italy, Gino's music, passion and knowledge has seen him play underground clubs the world over, including Le Souk in NYC and the Bussey Building in London. Many of the tracks included on 'We Know How To Boogie' have become 'signature tunes' for DJs such as Phil Asher, Sadar Bahar, Joe Davis and Daniele Baldelli, rarely if ever leaving their record boxes. Containing several exclusive edits from the Grasso Brothers, 'We Know How To Boogie' is simply filled with sure-fire hits for the discerning dance-floor. Lesser known tracks remastered from eye-wateringly expensive original vinyl releases by William Barlak, Living Colour & Carol Meriwether rub shoulders with the truly obscure and utterly wonderful French-Canadian disco outfit 'Black Sun' in what can only be described as a musical celebration like you've never heard before. This 'Italian Job' is guaranteed to do more than just 'blow the bloody doors off.
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