Africa Is Not A Country

Various Artists
Africa Is Not A Country

Code: AINAC 001
Media: Vinyl
Format: 12" Uk
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Liquid Lagos
Listen To The Beats Of Your Heart
Who Own The Land
Africa is not a country. We in the West often refer to "African music" but what is that exactly It could be myriad, almost unimaginably different forms of music that bear little relation to each other, as after all Africa is a vast continent that is larger than the United States, Australia and the whole of Europe combined. These four tracks showcase some of those different forms of music from across the continent. There is some cosmic synth drenched proto-house, an afro-beat call to arms, a hypnotic JuJu workout and a rough and ready, relentless lo fi West African banger. All proceeds will go to Human Rights Justice Group, Nigeria.
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