20 Years Of Henry Street Music (Ltd. 7"x5 Part 1

Various Artists
20 Years Of Henry Street Music (ltd. 7"x5 Part 1

Label: Bbe
Code: BBE353SLP1/7"
Style: House
Media: Vinyl
Format: 7"x5 Eur
Out of Stock
Price: € 38,90
Kenny Dope - Whew
Armand Van Helden - The Funk Phenomena
Kenny Dope - The Bomb!
Johnick - Play The World
Mike Delgado - Byrdman's Revenge
6 Ralphi Rosario - You Used To Hold Me
Dj Sneak - Show Me The Way
Robbie Tronco - Walk 4 Me
9 95 North - Check It Out
10 Johnick - The Captain
11 Scotti Deep - Brooklyn Beats
Henry Street (named after Brooklyn homeboy Johnny’s neighbourhood) always had a ‘New York’ vibe, and even when drawing its producers from further afield, the label encapsulated the city’s melting-pot of talent and raw, bristling energy... energy captured here, and exploding off these remastered tracks like it’s 1999 all over again! So... dust off those dancing shoes, and get ready to feel the heat, it’s one more time for the Henry Street Hustle!
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