Future Chicago - Finale Underground Vol. 3

Specter / Hakim Murphy / Chicago Skyway / Steven Tang
Future Chicago - Finale Underground Vol. 3

Code: FU003
Media: Vinyl
Format: 12" Usa
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Price: € 13,90
Specter - 5th Of Hen
Chicago Skyway - Digits Lg
Hakim Murphy - Slowdown
Steven Tang - String Tension
Finale Underground is back with Vol. 3 and this time the focus in on Chicago. Four tunes from Chicago luminaries that have made their marks in the scene, though all sounding different, still staying true to the Chicago ethos. Specter's deep house jam called "5th of Hen" with its lush sounds and steady melodies sets the tone. Chicago Skyway follows with a club banger titled "Digits LG" where the pulsating synth takes up the attention, giving an old school feel with contemporary string sounds. Hakim Murphy starts the B side with "Slowdown", an acid house tune that shows off some of Murphy's drum programming skills. Finally, Steven Tang finishes the session with an the tune of aggressive synth lines and a bouncy bass called "String Tension". Future Chicago is a well rounded ep that features four different takes on the current affairs of the Chicago sound.
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