5 Years Of Gruuv EP 4

Paolo Martini & Paul C / Tuccillo / Audiojack
5 Years Of Gruuv Ep 4

Label: Gruuv
Code: GRU5YR004
Style: Tech House
Media: Vinyl
Format: 12" Uk
Out of Stock
Price: € 12,90
David Pher - Wild Eyes
Tuccillo - Alfatrack
Audiojack & Kevin Knapp - On The Record
Paul C & Paolo Martini - Big Black Car
The summer of 2015 sees Gruuv celebrate 5 years in the game. We've put together a brand new compilation featuring 25 of our favourite artists, which will be released as 6 x 4 track vinyl releases every two weeks throughout the summer and features artwork from the renowned Victoria Topping. Each EP will be released on limited edition vinyl, with a free poster and sticker inside, uniquely stamped from 001 - 500.
Thanks to everyone involved, all around the world. Music provides the greatest unity. It strips away indifferences, supersedes language, nationality, culture, all defining human factors, and leaves one common thing we can all interpret; sound.
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