25 Cent Color EP

Urulu & Steve Huerta
25 Cent Color Ep

Label: Dirt Crew
Code: DIRT087
Style: Deep, Tech House
Media: Vinyl
Format: 12" Eur
Out of Stock
Price: € 10,90
Settle Back Easy Jim
Laura Don't Touch That
Jamais Vu
Katsu Dub
After their first big 'Things I Didn't Mean' EP on Dirt Crew back in 2013 the Cali boys Urulu & Steve Huerta teamed up again for another release full of bliss Deep House cuts. Both relocated to Berlin last year and have since then been extremely busy with their solo output on labels like 'Let's Play House", 'Needwant", 'Shabby Doll' and Urulu's own imprint 'Amadeus". Here they are giving us a clean cut of both their styles, combined it is truly an all original blend of deep and raw House music. The A side features two club bangers while the B side explores the deeper side of things with more laid back vibes and dubbed out jazzy elements. One of our personal favourites is the irresistible D.E.G.L. that best describes the 'Urulu & Huerta' Sound. All in all the guys managed to deliver a well rounded package with all elements a good EP needs. We are quite sure this new release will be a great follow up to their successful first EP that Became a Dirt Crew Classic and one of our best selling tracks ever.
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