It Is Within

Legowelt, Clendon Toblerone
It Is Within

Label: Cos_mos
Code: Cos_Mos_001
Style: Chicago, Deep, House
Media: Vinyl
Format: 12" Eur
Price: € 9,80
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It Is Within
Mystics Of Thaquitz
Desert Soul
The most eagle eyed techno fans out there will have noticed a special catalogue number appear during summer last year. It was COS_MOS_000 and was attached to smash-hit single ‘Lonely’ from MaSpaventi. Well now Clendon Toblerone, someone you will most likely be familiar with even if you don’t know it just yet, is responsible for the first single proper on the mysterious COS_MOS label. All three tracks are fully formed visions of a mystic house universe miles away from here.
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