Johnson Jumpin'/ Willie Rap

Johnson Products
Johnson Jumpin'/ Willie Rap

Code: 704
Style: Disco, Hip Hop, Cosmic
Media: Vinyl
Format: 12" Uk
Price: € 11,90
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Johnson Products - Johnson's Jumpin'
Willie Wood & The Willie Wood Crew - Willie Rap
Harlem's legendary Disco label P&P and it's associated labels have long been cult favourites among fans of underground dance music for decades. One of many labels operating under the equally legendary P&P family of imprints Sound Of New York, USA was operated by one Peter Brown, a truly colossal figure in NYC's music scene, it's catalogue still fascinates music lovers to this day. Covering a wide range of styles including Gospel, early Rap and Disco the label's output continually finds it way into the playlists of respected DJ's and selectors across the globe. This super heavyweight double-header features 2 stone cold rarities from the labels vaults on 1 12" slab of wax for 2019! Johnson Products kick off side-A with their killer, relentless groove 'Johnson Jumpin' which originally came out in 1979 on the label. This was truly an underground hit at the time and in the years to follow with it appearing in the playlists of Frankie Knuckles and many other clued up DJ's of the era. It's a dope keys led dancer with some serious DIY analogue synth going down all over it and the band are literally killing it the groove is so so tight! Essential stuff here. Flip this one over and you're in for another treat, Willie Wood & The Willie Wood Crew's version of the same cut, basically 'Johnson Jumpin' with some serious old-school Disco-Rap leanings, Willie spitting bars of fire all over the same funked out backing track. Both of these records, if you caught them out in the wild, solo, would easily set you back a few nuggets.
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