Adaptors The Music Of Richard Bone

Daniele Baldelli, Dionigi
Adaptors The Music Of Richard Bone

Label: Prismatik
Code: QND 027
Style: Cosmic, Nu Disco
Media: Cd
Format: Cd Ita
Price: € 18,90
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1 Tiny Little Drum
2 Father Of Pearl
Mutant Wisdon
Alternate Music For The Hindenberg Lounge Pt 2 (a Version)
Essence Of Diamond
6 Joy Of Radiation
7 Elastic Sahara
8 Epilogue
9 X Condiders Y
10 Saiyuji (dawn)
11 Alternate Music For The Hindenberg Lounge Pt 1
12 Emerging Melodies (track Four)
13 Alternate Music For The Hindernberg Lounge Pt 2 (b Version)
Listening, by change, to the track "Alternate Music For The Hindenberg Lounge Pt.2" contained on the 1982 vinyl recording "The American Music Collection " on the Eurock label, Daniele Baldelli discovered the music of Richard Bone for the first time. For regular clients of the Cosmic Club (in Lazise on Garda Lake - Verona) it soon became a very sought-after track, thanks to Baldelli's special mixing talents: he was used to play this track at 45 rpm (instead of 33), overlaying it on Mike Oldfield's 'Foreign Affair'. The album contains thirteen tracks that have completely re-edited, arranged, adapted and remixed by Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi. It represents their tribute to musician Richard Bone, a way of thanking him for musical influence and inspiration they have received.
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