Cosmic Slope / Fun Thing

Amplified Orchestra
Cosmic Slope / Fun Thing

Label: Amplified
Code: AO-8
Style: Cosmic, Re Edits
Media: Vinyl
Format: 12" Usa
Out of Stock
Price: € 9,80
Cosmic Slope
Fun Thing
Limited copies... Not a lot is known about who is behind the Amplified Orchestra moniker, although there is a Chicago address stamped on the vinyl. "Cosmic Slope" is a re-edit version of "I Need Somebody To Love Tonight" by Sylvester - Over & Over / I Need Somebody To Love Tonight release.. It has a great cosmic vibe to it, with some lovely sounding synth solo's and a bubbling bassline. "Fun Thing" is a re-edit of Steve Bender with your "The Final Thing", is a sick acid work out with a mean and aggressive 303 bassline, housey stabs, cool strings, superb synth lead solos and uplifting female vocal shouts. This is EP all about the bounce !
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