Timmy Thomas

Label: T.k. Disco
Code: TKD072
Style: Disco, Funk, Afrobeat
Media: Vinyl
Format: 12" Uk
Out of Stock
Price: € 11,90
Timmy Thomas - Africano
Funky Me
Why Can't We Live Together
Re issue of Timmy Thomas's long sought after "Afrcaino" 12" excavated from the deepest realms of the TK Disco vaults. When it comes to this Deep Disco cut, Africano is one of those tracks that became a dancefloor favorite of Danielle Baldelli who during the 80s played Disco, African records, American R&B, and reggae to create what has been since become known as the Afro-Cosmic scene at the height of Club culture in the discotheques of Northern Italy. Remastered, represented and brought back into focus for 2017's DJ bags and dance-floors! As usual, these TK represses are always done in the proper manner. 100% legit re-edits, from the archive, remastered and released in conjunction with Henry Stone Music / TK Disco - Miami FL.
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