Selected Music From The Album Brian Damage

Brian Briggs
Selected Music From The Album Brian Damage

Label: Get On Down
Code: GET 12004
Media: Vinyl
Format: 12" Usa
Out of Stock
Price: € 18,90
Aeo ( Part 1 )
2 Aeo ( Part 2 )
3 Psyclone
4 Nervous Breakdown
5 Spy Vs. Spy
AEO (Parts I & II) is basically the chant you'd imagine Nature making through a sequencer. With heavy electronic percussions, Analog synth sounds reminiscent of water splashes, and tape echo effects that can easily be mistaken to be the calling of birds and other animals during mating season, AEO has the DNA of every Balearic track to come. While equally giving a nod to the East and mother Africa, it makes sense why this record was popular with impeccable selectors like David Mancuso and Danielle Baldelli.
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