In Search EP

In Search Ep

Label: Boogie Cafe
Release Date: 25.10.2019
Code: BCB 010
Style: Deep, House
Media: Vinyl
Format: 12" Uk
Out of Stock
Price: € 11,90
Yellow Wave
In Search
In Search ( Javonntte Remix )
Fresh from collaborating with broken beat rising star EVM128 on the latter’s superb “Input 128” album, Turbojazz lands on Boogie Café with an inspired label debut that’s every bit as soulful, jazzy and musically rich as you’d expect. Thanks to a string of rock solid releases on G.A.M.M, Local Talk and Sampling As An Art Records, the Milanese producer has earned a reputation for creadting rich, soul-fired dancefloor workouts that variously join the dots between deep house, US garage, jazz-funk and broken beat. This trademark style naturally comes to the fore on the Italian’s first Boogie Café outing, which boasts both club-focused broken beat workouts and smooth, peak-time ready house excursions.
Remixed by: Javonntte
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