gtva 2

Various Artists
Gtva 2

Label: Get Together
Code: GTVA002
Style: Deep, House, Nu Disco
Media: Vinyl
Format: 12" Eur
Price: € 16,90
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Mantrafunk - Uncertain Behaves Riddim Twis
Cody Currie - Crocodile Shoes
Torpedo Fred - Br Cl
Donnie Moustaki - Les Tartes Des Mamie Hinkle
Mantrafunk - Odyssee
Scissorwork - Skit ( Mama Que )
Mantrafunk - Brunnenplatz
Newly born label and Berlin-based collective Get Together drops her first release with its GTVA series: 4 various artist mini LPs geared for DJs with 7 tracks each. They contain a mixture of Afro, Disco, Jazz-influenced and Experimental House tracks topped off with a few spicy Hip Hop instrumentals. The release is a well-curated blend of styles from the scene’s most appreciated up-and-coming artists as well as a few undiscovered talents. Its diversity makes it a default in any DJs record bag - with club tracks for warm ups, peak moments or experimental after hours
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