Tittle Tattle

Tittle Tattle

Code: BST-X013
Style: Disco
Media: Vinyl
Format: 12" Ita
Price: € 19,80
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Tittle Tattle ( Full Version )
Tittle Tattle ( Radio Version )
Tittle Tattle ( Instrumental Version )
Tittle Tattle ( Dub Version )
Baricentro is an Italian funk-rock band founded in 1976 by two brothers Francesco and Vanni Boccuzzi; after the release of two albums in mid seventies (Sconcerto and Trusciant) for the major record company EMI; they recorded in 1983 the single "Tittle Tattle" representing a clear innovation in sound from their past, without believing that would receive a positive response in the New York City underground music scene and soon becoming a Paradise Garage and Loft classic. Best Record Italy today came out with this special reissue-project as a Limited Edition Ep, remastered from the original master tapes and containing for the first time all the versions from 1983 and 84 including the unreleased dub that was previously available as an acetate cut only for deejay play.
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