Best of Digital Danceforce Vol 2

Various Artists
Best Of Digital Danceforce Vol 2

Style: House, Electro
Media: Vinyl
Format: 12" Eur
Price: € 14,90
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Vanessa Worm - I Did A Lava Dance
Brain Dancing - Plugged In ( Pushed For K )
Internal N.y. Rhythms - Poli-ritmo I
Theus Mago - Bum Bum Bum
Optimo Music Digital Danceforce is the digital label of Optimo Music, an internationalist musical outlet designed to get dancefloor focussed music out there without the long delays that vinyl manufacturing often entails. So far this has been a very satisfying project and the first ten or so releases (with many more in the pipeline) have been very well received.
There will be a series of best of OMDD 12”s taking a track from each release and compiling it on a various artists 4 track 12”, cut loud for maximum club impact. Here is volume 2 featuring tried and tested club hits from New Zealand's Vanessa Worm, Scotland's Brain Dancing, Portugal's Internal N.Y. Rhythms and Mexico's Theus Mago.
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