Cosmicdelic Afrika: Vinyl 2 Extended Club Versions

Joaquin Joe Claussell
Cosmicdelic Afrika: Vinyl 2 Extended Club Versions

Code: CA.EP.000
Media: Vinyl
Format: 12" Usa
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Price: € 25,90
The Brooklyn Heat & Soul Band - Come & Fly With Me ( Joaquin Improvisational Extended Remix )
Cosmic Ritual - Abraxas ( Joaquin Demo Sketch Mix )
Other Souls & Things - Mundo De Agua ( Psyxchdelic Transfusion Remix )
Mampo - Emarofo Tech ( Joaquin Demo - Extended Sketch Mix )
Okoasambi ( Traditional )
Blowing Your Fucking Mind
Part Two is all about Joaquin’s original compositions. The versions that are included on this twelve inch have been extended for DJS to play. The 12Inch also features a variety of different genres of Dance and Head Music, such as the Cosmic Jazz Dance composition of “Come and Fly with Me” by the Brooklyn Soul and Heat Band, to the Avant Guarded influenced “Mundo De Agua” by or Other Souls & Things, and
but not least “Emarofo Tech” which is a dope Cosmic House-Jam just to mention a few.
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