Claustro / State Forest

Claustro / State Forest

Label: Hyperdub
Code: HDB120
Media: Vinyl
Format: 12" Uk
Price: € 12,90
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State Forest
After nearly two years, the mythical Burial returns! The A-Side sees him in classic form with a skippy, 2-step beat backed with a pulsating bassline, sprinkled with his signature old skool, warped R'n'B vocal samples. It's all welcomingly reminiscnent of his groundbreaking "Untrue" LP, filling you with those warm feelings of late morning tube journeys back from the dance when you've had one too many shandies. In stark contrast, the B-Side is a cold and haunting ambient excursion that flutters with twisted sounds of sirens and gloomy pads. All in all, it's the sound of grimey paranoia and London's backstreets all moulded in to a lovely 12" from one of electronic music's most mysterious creatures.
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