Dubby White EP

Dubby White Ep

Code: WRTA001
Style: Deep, House
Media: Vinyl
Format: 12" Eur
Price: € 10,90
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Dubby White
Dubby White ( Smallpeople Remix )
Melting Feat Zhiqi Song
WE R THE ALIENS is a fresh new label based out of Hamburg and Berlin. The label marks the start of a new chapter for Wareika’s beat machine Jakob Seidensticker, former Square Room Hero Boronas, and American house import Snad. Together, they are Mothership. The maiden voyage begins with this clubby three-track trip. Groovy technoid cut “Dubby White” sets the course, evolving into the spooky yet driving minimal house track “Melting” feat. Zhiqi Song. Finally, Smallpeople round up the release with an uplifting House Remix of “Dubby White” perfect for warmer days. Join us in welcoming the Mothership; the alien invasion has begun.
Remixed by: Smallpeople
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