Amore Plastico ( Plastic Love ) Feat. Saucy Lady

North Of Loreto
Amore Plastico ( Plastic Love ) Feat. Saucy Lady

Code: COMERA 06
Style: Nu Disco, Boogie
Media: Vinyl
Format: 7" Ita
Price: € 10,90
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Album Version
Extended Version
What can you do to pay homage to one of the greatest Japanese disco tracks ever? Here are 2 new revisited takes on this classic joint, the first one is a slower vocoder Italian jam, reminiscing some of the finest italo grooves from the 80s with brand new lyrics. On the flip you will find a faster and dance floor oriented remix by one of the best modern funk female artists, Saucy Lady. The lyrics are a faithful reinterpretation of the original version, while the instrumental takes you though a cosmic trip filled with Juno chords and hypnotic bass line played by the lady herself.
Remixed by: Saucy Lady
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