Club Paradiso

Label: Mondo Groove
Code: MGCP 01
Style: Nu Disco, House
Media: Vinyl
Format: 12" Eur
Price: € 10,90
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Espresso Notte
Over the clouds, over the palm trees, there’s Club Paradiso. Club Paradiso is a mission. This italo-duo comes from Rimini, Adriatic Coast, and brings forth the golden age of the spanking Riviera club culture. Travelling through time and space with synths and drum machines, they mix the past(a) and the future. It’s not all about nostalgia, it’s the future they like. The new EP titled “Panoramica” sexily rides the summer vibe with infectious body-moving rhythms. The EP is an hypnotic and groovy journey that starts off with “Batongo”, a tribal and exotic dancefloor banger that will let the sweat out of the listener in zero time. “Espresso Notte” is filled with organic house grooves, dreamy pads and a synth that tells you a story that could go on and on and on. “Gulliver” and “Litoraneo” pick up from there and bring the sound scenario down heavy with 70s-80s disco sounds and boogie, transporting mind and body to a warm and mellow planet. “Panoramica” reflects perfectly Club Pradiso’s goal of mixing past and future, an über-cool EP that is both club and disco friendly.
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