Unreleased Tracks ( Parisian Soul Rework )

Yan Tregger
Unreleased Tracks ( Parisian Soul Rework )

Label: Denote
Code: PS03
Style: Disco, Funk
Media: Vinyl
Format: 12" Eur
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Price: € 18,90
I Want A Woman ( Parisian Soul Rework )
I Want A Woman
Who Knows You ( Parisian Soul Rework )
Who Knows You
Ted Scotto began his musical life as a trumpet player, but got his foot in the door of production soundtracks when he composed the theme for the 1968 French animated series 'Les Shadoks'. Soon taking on the pseudonym Yan Tregger (chosen for its nonspecific, English-sounding connotations), Scotto wrote and recorded more than thirty library records, ranging from funk and R&B tunes to deep dives into the then-prevalent Italo-Disco sound.
Yan Tregger has done us the honor of reworking two unpublished tracks from the M.B.T project. You will have a bliss listening to two originals tracks, slightly transformed, and two
reworks that will make you travel through Balearic and Dub atmospheres, preserving to the maximum the soul of the original grooves.
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