Dschung Tek EP

Curt Cress
Dschung Tek Ep

Code: MFM 038
Media: Vinyl
Format: 12" Eur
Out of Stock
Price: € 17,90
Dschung Tek ( Long Version )
Dschung Tek ( No Live Drums )
Power Vein
Flying High
Since the early 1970s Cress has worked with a number of high profile German bands such as Passport, Atlantis and Snowball as well as on cult Disco records with studio groups such as Tender Aggression and Chime. Working tirelessly as a session musician for countless German and International Jazz, Rock and Pop acts, Cress has also worked extensively as a Producer, most notably for Nina Hagen. Cress would also record a number of records as a solo artist, with his unique sensibility as a drummer given centre stage.
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