Internet Tension / Rytm804

Internet Tension / Rytm804

Label: Bossmusik
Code: boss008
Media: Vinyl
Format: 12" Eur
Out of Stock
Price: € 11,90
Internet Tension
Dorisburg returns to Boss records with a high quality tight modern club release as we would expect from him!. On the A-side 'Internet Tension', he weaves an augmented and hypnotic sonic fabric. Straight forward grooves merged with enigmatic melodies that leads your mind to abandoned server rooms and haunted programming code. A more elaborated rhythm is what hits you at the flipside with 'Rytm804'. Spacey and percussive drumming paired with lamenting bells and emotive harmonies constitute a hymn that's otherworldly. Sonic landscapes that evoke feelings of futuristic seances and interstellar shamanism. Another strong Boss Musik release!!
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