Yemma / El Fen

Ait Meslayene
Yemma / El Fen

Label: Stip Records
Code: CH 010
Media: Vinyl
Format: 12" Eur
Price: € 24,90
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El Fen
One of the most sought after arabic disco records finally see's a long awaited re-release, this 12'' was only issued in seriously limited quantities on the tiny Stip records label out of France in 1976. Sought for the chuggy exotic rhythms of the B side 'El Fen' at long last this eastern influenced Disco masterpiece is available to those who don't happen to have a spare 500 euro for an original copy! Ait Meslayene was a Kabyle traditional singer who moved to Paris to try his luck. He was driven by an Algerian manager who pushed him to make a ''disco'' album, a new trend at that time. The recording found place in a studio near Paris, with an American drummer from the funk group Ice.
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