Undicidisco Remix EP

Alexander Robotnick
Undicidisco Remix Ep

Label: Hell Yeah
Code: HYR 7190
Style: Nu Disco, House
Media: Vinyl
Format: 12" Ita
Out of Stock
Price: € 12,90
Undicidisco ( Justin Vandervolgen Edit )
Undicidisco ( Bawrut 1-2-3-4 Remix )
Undicidisco ( Prins Thomas Diskomiks )
Undicidisco ( The Vendetta Suite Stone Tape Remix )
Hell Yeah returns with four remixes of this Alexander Robotnik 'Undicidisco' track from the archives, taking you down a different path with each cut. A side sees the classic Justin Vandervolgen Edit layering the beat and synth bassline, before unleashing the all too familiar melody whilst re-imagining some of those synthesiser arps over the top. Bawrut then provides an acid laden interpretation of the original coupled with latin styled whistles, percussion and vocal cry of 'uno, dos, tres, eyhh'. Flip it over and Prins Thomas offers up a tougher Discomiks remix with a gritty bassline, interspersed with filtered arps and the warped Robotnik melody. To close out the e.p. The Vendetta Suite Stone Tape Remix takes you down a weird and wonderful path of wonky tape delayed goodness - contorting, reversing and reworking the synth lines to create a unique slowed down version of Undicidisco.
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