Karam Bani

Karam Bani

Label: Rca
Code: PR 6501P
Style: Funk, Afrobeat, Disco
Media: Vinyl
Format: 12" Uk
Price: € 12,90
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Karam Bani
Ye Koaba
Official, remastered reissue of this disco tinged, Afro Funk treasure and the first time the ‘Karam Bani’ single has been cut to 12” maximising every ounce of highlife soul from Sidiku Buari’s productions. That undeniable US Funk flavour coupled with Buari’s Ghanaian rhythms bring a zest to these grooves even the tangiest of forbidden fruits couldn’t draw out. Those fuzzed keys and dusty highlife guitar licks sprinkle the West African flavour, whilst drumming demi-god Bernard Purdie provides the wizardry behind the infectious, yet precision like beats that make the track so unique.
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