If You Really Love Someone

Liberty City / Sterac / Jynx
If You Really Love Someone

Label: Murk
Code: MURK 36
Style: House
Media: Vinyl
Format: 12" Uk
Out of Stock
Price: € 11,90
Sterac Vs Liberty City - If You Really Love Someone / The Hypnoticus Ii ( Dj T. Edit )
Liberty City Vs Jynx - If You Really Want Someone
In the early 90's Oscar G and Ralph Falcon AKA Murk unleashed a series of 12' singles that single-handedly put Miami on the House Music map. The Murk sound combined a deep, tribal drum-based rhythm track with strong house/R&B vocal performances, and it sounded like nothing that was out back then. While many other producers have tried to recreate the Murk Sound, nobody else has been able to match their distinctive sound sonic vibe. To this day these tracks still get played peak hour around the world.

'If You Really Love Someone' released under Murk acronym Liberty City is one of the best known of these releases. It's now been given a spectacular update by one of the world's most respected, influential and talented House Music aficionado's DJ T., who had combined the much loved old skool flavor of Murk's original production with the updated groove of Sterac. The B-side features a remix by emerging UK talent Jynx. Released on the original Murk Records vinyl imprint.
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