Remix EP

Soundspecies & Ache Meyi
Remix Ep

Label: Manana
Code: MANANA004
Style: House, Afrobeat
Media: Vinyl
Format: 12" Uk
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Price: € 12,90
Ogun Meyi Meyi ( Ig Culture Remix )
Egrem Bata Jam ( Hello Skinny Remix )
Alina's Calypso ( Ron Trent Remix )
Alina’s Calypso ( Soundspecies Remix )
Manana presents a new remix EP bringing together some essential re-works of Sound Species and Ache Meyi's collaboration recordings.
Originally recorded in 2016 in Santiago de Cuba during the lead-up to the Manana Festival in the city, the original sessions were an inspired fusion of Ache Meyi's deep folkloric Afro-Cuban styles with Sound Species' subtle electronic touches. The new re-works have attracted some familiar names from clubland: broken beat don IG Culture keeps the roots of 'Ogún Meyi Meyi' intact with a bass-heavy, percussive attack; brilliant UK drummer and producer Tom Skinner strips back 'Egrem Bata Jam' on a pulsing new version; Chicago legend Ron Trent creates a more melodic dancefloor re-work of 'Alina's Calypso' while Sound Species themselves beef up the original Afro-Haitian rhythms of the same track for a dubbier treatment.
Remixed by: Ig Culture, Ron Trent
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