Trash Or Treasure

Kerbside Collection
Trash Or Treasure

Label: Legere
Code: LEGO090VL
Style: Jazz, Funk, Soul
Media: Vinyl
Format: Lp Eur
Price: € 14,90
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A1 Walk The Talk
A2 Trash Or Treasure
A3 Feather Duster
A4 Cypress
A5 Bogangar
B1 Red Clay
B2 Get A Wiggle On
B3 Slidin
B4 Shake N Bake
B5 Rabbit Hole
B6 Strawberry Fields
The lead single from the 2nd album Trash or Treasure released on 7" by one of Brisbane's finest long standing record stores - Butter Beats.
The A side - aptly entitled ‘Quicksilver’ (named after a Marvel comic book character) - is a gritty, fast and frenetic funk workout that kicks like a mule! Starting off with a tight, fun, hard hitting riff that’s met with snappy brass stabs which collide with a fierce drum break, before tearing into a righteous, soaring B section, as the razor sharp drums and rhythm section set up the tune again for another round of raw JBs styled funk!

The B-side ‘Rabbit Hole’ continues the homestyle funk ride with its catchy, rubbery, dance- floor groove. The tunes skips along with some of the tight trademark funk flavours found on the ensemble’s first 7” release ‘Jelly Belly’! Warm and twangy guitars, honky tonk hammond organ and crispy tight drums (and tambo) stride ahead as the organ then announces its solo and dances back and forth with a hard hitting drum break (B-Boy alert!), before the groove returns and takes you to the finish line.
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