Disappearing In A Mirror

Giulio Aldinucci
Disappearing In A Mirror

Label: Karlrecords
Code: KR055
Style: Electronica
Media: Vinyl
Format: Lp Eur
Out of Stock
Price: € 18,90
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Italian sound artist GIULIO ALDINUCCI drops his 2nd album on Karl: "Disappearing In A Mirror" is again a truly masterfully composed and sound-designed ambient masterpiece and a more than worthy follow-up to the critically acclaimed "Borders And Ruins" which made it onto several year's best lists for 2017.
" 'Disappearing In A Mirror' focuses on the fluidity of the identity concept, highlighting the harmonious coexistence of contradictory elements and the transitional features that characterize every transformation. It is a reflection on the current situation of change and disruption and at the same time it is a gaze into the human timeless soul and its inner soundscapes."
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