The World Is A Ghetto

George Benson
The World Is A Ghetto

Code: DYN002
Style: Disco, Soul, Funk
Media: Vinyl
Format: 12" Uk
Price: € 11,90
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The World Is A Ghetto
The World Is A Ghetto
George Benson's name is legendary, his much vaunted career in music has spanned decades, styles, trends and tastes. A prodigious jazz, funk & fusion guitarist and vocalist, Benson cut his teeth in the 1960's releasing music on labels such as CTI, Paul Winley, A&M and Warner Brothers. He has had numerous hit records throughout his career and maintained the respect and credibility that he built from the ground up, influencing generations of musicians, artists & producers. His 1977 version of the classic 'The World Is A Ghetto' features beautiful string-laden production and of course, Benson's languid guitar playing that graces the wonderful Claus Ogerman arrangements effortlessly. As well as being an underground disco classic, this amazing groove has been sampled by numerous contemporary producers, most notable Moodymann, Kanye West, Bob Sinclair and many more, a testament to the lush production and soul contained within the grooves of this classic. This repress is programmed exactly like the '77 disco promo 12" that record pool members and DJ's would have received and due to licensing constraints it features the same 9 minute 41 second mix on both sides.
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