Black Ruby

Ruby Andrews
Black Ruby

Label: Everland
Code: Everland021
Style: Soul, Funk
Media: Vinyl
Format: Lp Eur
Price: € 26,90
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( I Want To Be ) Whatever It Takes To Please You
2 Overdose Of Love
3 The Love I Need
Didn't I Fool You?
You Made A Believer Out Of Me
6 Good 'n Plenty
You Ole Boo Boo You
Just Lovin' You
9 My Love Is Comin' Down
Hound Dog
‘Black Ruby’ from 1972 was Ruby Andrews’ second album for Zodiac Records and is a really solid set of dancers and beat ballads with Ruby’s powerful vocals shining throughout. The bgi-city funky soul of ‘(I Want To be) Whatever It Takes To Please You’ and ‘Overdose Of Love’ are counterbalanced by the mellow, plaintive ‘The Love I Need’. The irresistible funky soul groove of ‘You Made A Believer Out Of Me’ is a bubbling dancer, ‘Just Loving You’ is one of those magical tracks that can be played forever and still sound incredible, the tough funker ‘Didn’t I Fool You’ is a highlight as is the screaming version of ‘Hound Dog’ where she sounds like Bettye Davis. Great album, hard to find on original.
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