Looking Up: The Complete Works

Carrie Cleveland
Looking Up: The Complete Works

Code: KALITALP 002
Style: Soul, Funk
Media: Vinyl
Format: Lp+7" Uk
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Price: € 28,90
Looking Up
Make Love To Me
I Need Love
Take Me To A Disco
Take A Moment
Love Will Set You Free
7 Take Me To A Disco ( Instrumental )
8 I Need Love ( 7" Issue Version )
9 Make Love To Me ( 7" Issue Version )
10 Take A Moment ( 7" Version )
11 I Need Love ( 7" Promotional Version )
12 Make Love To Me ( 7" Promotional Version )
I've Got A Feeling
Kalita Records announce the first ever and definitive discography of Carrie Cleveland, we offer an expanded version of her 1978 album 'Looking Up', including both the issue and promotional versions of her single 'Make Love To Me', and the previously unknown sweet soul single 'I've Got A Feeling'. The Kalita vinyl reissue consists of both the expanded album and a bonus 7' Single and is housed in a gatefold sleeve. The Cd is accompanied by a mini-poster.
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