D Atlien EP

D Atlien Ep

Label: Ndatl Muzik
Code: NDATL 021
Media: Vinyl
Format: 12" Usa
Price: € 17,90
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Ensolardo ( Sunny )
Café Con Léché
D Town Connection
I Can't Hear You
NDATL continues with the end of summer 12" by infamous producer Andrés. He first appeared on NDATL with his first ever remix on label boss Kai Alcé track "Feeding". This time he returns to NDATL showcasin his latin american influences, on the festive track "Ensolardo" opens DATLien EP with the more sublime Café Con Léché rounding out the A Side. Then D-Town Connection take us to back to the streets of the D with bit of electro bounce with that deep D edge. "I Can't Hear You" is classic funky dancefloor friendly Andrés! Play LOUD and keep your ears open for a surprise!
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