Cameroon Massif!

Ramjac Corporation
Cameroon Massif!

Code: ERC061
Style: House, Breaks
Media: Vinyl
Format: 12" Uk
Out of Stock
Price: € 16,90
Cameroon Massif! ( Massive Mix )
Cameroon Massif! ( Massing Mix )
3 Cameroon Massif! ( Live At The Brain '09 Mix )
Taking a turn to some of its roots, Emotional Rescue offers a reissue of Ramjac Corporation's UK house/breaks anthem Cameroon Massif!. First released on the increasingly cult-status Irdial Discs in 1990, this was very much the sound of the big bang explosion of Acid House morphing and splintering, as subsequent multi-genres developed, formed, imploded and reformed in new ways that still subsists today.
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